Submissions to USF Law Review should conform to the following standards.  The form to submit a piece to USF Law Review is below.


All articles, comments, and forum pieces are reviewed anonymously and will be held for review for up to two years after the submission date.


Articles are pieces written by a practitioner in a particular area of the law.  Articles are great secondary sources for legal research, valuable for the depth in which they analyze and critique legal topics, as well as their extensive references to other sources, including primary sources.  Articles often focus on new or emerging areas of law and they can offer more critical commentary than a legal encyclopedia or ALR entry. Articles are important because courts and other practitioners and scholars look to articles for insight on a specific topic. Articles should be under 25,000 words.  


A Comment is similar to an article except that it is written by a law student.   USF Law Review encourages students to submit their writing requirement and class papers to be published as a comment. Comments should be under 12,000 words.  


The University of San Francisco’s Law Review Forum seeks to provide opportunities for publishing shorter and more current articles that can reach audiences faster than pieces published in our traditional USF Law Review. We accept the following types of submissions: 1) traditional Law Review-style articles, but in shorter form commenting on legal issues that require a more timely publication; 2) essays of 1,000 – 3,000 words; 3) responses to pieces published in the print Law Review; and 4) teaching points regarding a new and perhaps confusing area of law. Students, practitioners, and faculty are all welcome to submit work to be published to the Law Review Forum.

Submissions to USF Law Review

Submissions to USF Law Review

USF Law Review welcomes submissions of Articles, Comments, and Forum Pieces. Please use this form to submit to USF Law Review.

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