Will eSports be a degree title offered by universities in the near future?

The rise of technology has changed our lives in many respects. Access to information on the internet or on smartphones has become quicker. We can make payments at the touch of a credit card or a phone. Driverless cars are even being developed and tested as you read this article. Innovation is affecting nearly every industry on a global scale, essentially providing companies with more outlets to attract customers and greater outreach to the rest of the world.

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One industry that has thrived from technological evolution is the gaming industry. Gamers have owned consoles for decades already since the Magnavox Odyssey was released in 1972. However, the idea of connecting with other players and competing in the same world is a concept that only became popular around the late 20th century. Even to the extent that people now wager bets on various eSports tournaments. And in the name of technological evolution, it is only right to mention the rise of crypto resources as well. Owning and using cryptocurrency is becoming more of a permanent fixture in our lives and was also born out of technological advances. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the evolution of technology. But it is in our interests to do so, so that we do not get left behind.

And institutions such as universities also need to keep an eye on the developing world and what trends people are following. It is fact that there is more online activity than ever before and activities like coding have therefore rapidly risen in popularity. Coding does however fall under computer programming, which has been around for the ages, but will students be able to study a degree title named eSports in the future?

Another fact is that eSports have taken off and are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Perhaps until it gets replaced by something even more technologically mind blowing. Universities are already known to follow trends, with more colleges pushing coding courses to stay relevant in the current world. Even languages offered at college level have changed. The less popular languages such as German are out, and cooler more useful languages such as Spanish and Chinese are in. Therefore, there is certainly potential for eSports to be offered.

There would be multiple challenges like whether eSports would be appropriate as a degree course. Or from a university’s perspective, how much they would need to invest to acquire any equipment required. Or quite simply, how it would be taught and who by. However, with eSports receiving increased airtime and publicity, we could see courses popping up around America very soon.

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