Rules for the school semester – Portuguese courses

  1. I expect every enrolled student to show up every day of class, on time. If you must be absent or late please let me know ahead of time.
  2. The syllabus for your course can be accessed and downloaded by visiting your course’s website on Canvas.
  3. Portuguese is a language that uses diacritical marks such as the circumflex, the acute accent, the grave accent, the tilde and the cedilla. Pay attention to the use of accents that are used in the Portuguese language as ignoring them will lower your grade. Click here to learn the shortcuts and keyboard configurations for using accents as you learn and type in Portuguese.
  4. All Portuguese courses at USF will have fifty-minute Conversation sessions with a tutor once a week, for nine weeks starting in mid-September (fall semester) or mid-February (spring semester). The Conversation sessions are not part of your regular classes but they are part of your Portuguese course, and your participation and presence in it will be graded. Please provide your availability for the Conversation sessions here.
  5. No cell phones are to be used during regular class or conversation session unless instructed by the teacher or tutor.
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