Don’t forget your accents :)

Accents are very important in the Portuguese language. Coco (coconut) and cocô (poop), for instance, are words with very different meanings, although the only difference between the two in writing is the circumflex accent.

Set up your
 keyboard to use the correct characters as you type

1-Set up international keyboard: select English – United States – International
2-Press the codes in the bracket at the same time, followed by the letter you want to be accented.
[Shift ~] = tilde (til) -> pão

[`] = grave accent (crase) -> Sairei às duas horas.

[‘ ](apostrophe) = acute (acento agudo) -> está

[Shift ^] = circumflex (acento circunflexo) ->experiência

[RightAlt c] = cedilla (cê cedilha) -> balanço


Go to Apple -> System prefrences -> Keyboard ->Input sources -> U.S. International – PC

Then, press the two characters at the same time, release them, then type the letter you want to be accented.

[Option n] + letter = tilde (til) -> não , caminhões

[Option `] + letter = grave accent (crase) -> Fui à escola.

[Option e] + letter = acute (acento agudo) -> Kátia, café, índio, pó, cúpula

[Option i] + letter = circumflex (acento circunflexo) -> você, pôr, âmbito

[Option c] + c= cedilla (cê cedilha) -> força, soluço

When using MyPortugueseLab please make sure you use accents as needed:

Acentos gráficos

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