Cognates: words that you already know

A cognate is a word that comes from the same origin as a word from another language. Cognates between languages usually have similarities in spelling, pronunciation, and/or meaning and are very helpful as we learn a foreign language because they may sound or look familiar to the student’s native language. Look athe following adjectives in Portuguese and see their cognates in English, and click below to hear their pronunciation.

*Note that some of the adjectives below have a masculine (ending with vowel o) and a feminine form (ending with vowel a). Example: Maria é corajosa, João é atlético.*

Portuguese cognatesagressivo/a  – agressive
ambicioso/a – ambitious
animado/a  – animated
atlético/a  – athletic
arrogante – arrogant
calmo/a – calm
corajoso/a – corageous
criativo/a – creative
competente – competent
conservador/a – conservative
dinâmico/a – dinamic
elegante – elegant
excelente – excellent
extrovertido/a – extrovert
eficiente – efficient
fascinante – fascinating
gigante – giant
generoso/a – generous
horrível – horrible
independente – independent
irresponsável – irresponsible
impulsivo/a – impulsive
introvertido/a – introvert
idealista – idealist
imparcial – impartial
importante – important
independente – independent
inteligente – intelligent
interessante – interesting
justo/a – just

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