March’s Monthly Tip!

Happy March, Dons!

We’re almost halfway done with this school year! Can you believe it? This month has been full of midterms and a much needed break. Finals will be coming up before we know it!

Here’s a tip from your friendly LWC staff:

Take Advantage of Office Hours!

During exam season, stress is high and cramming always tends to happen, even if we try not to. Utilize the hours your professors set aside for you. Not only will you gain extra support on questions and concepts that you feel unsure about, but you will also be able to have one-on-one’s with professors who will dedicate time to make sure you pass. Rather than working with the needs of your entire class, the professor will take the time to work with your needs as a student. Even so, these opportunities will help you set time aside for extra study time. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste!

We hope the rest of your March goes swell, Dons! Make sure to make an appointment when you need extra support! We’re here to help!