How do you define Learning and what enables you to make meaning of new knowledge?

Kristina Swift, Peer Tutor Lead

I think learning is a process that you are always continuing to take part in. There is always something new to learn, so it is an experience that never has an end.  Most of the time we associate learning with going to class or reading a textbook, but I think learning requires such a formal environment. A lot of my learning comes from my peers either from studying together or even at work.


As a math major, a significant amount of the new material presented in upper level courses requires a strong knowledge of the foundations of math.  Thus, a lot of the time making meaning of new knowledge takes the form of connecting what I am learning know, to what I was taught in my first semester as a math major.  This allows me to both have a better understanding of the foundational concepts and also see their importance and connections to higher level topics. Additionally, I’ve found that studying with my classmates and talking through the concepts really helps me to understand the new material, as you get a lot of different perspectives and takes on the information, allowing you to look at it from multiple angles.  Everyone also has their own way of explaining things, so hearing how others connect the information to previous content helps me to make more connections that I may have not otherwise thought of.

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