How do you define Learning and what enables you to make meaning of new knowledge?

Jessica Arbitman, Peer-Led Team Learning Assistant Coordinator

The more experiences I have at USF working with other students, the more I learn about what it means to learn. Learning is a very individualized process because the way one student learns may not be the same way another student learns. In turn, making meaning of new knowledge is also a highly individualized process. There have been so many times when I’ve heard a student I’m working with say “I don’t study like that” or “I don’t learn that way,” so its hard to generalize one solid definition of learning. What I can say is that learning is an ongoing process and it’s something that we partake in throughout our entire life. We achieve mastery of this process when we are able to retain the information we are learning in a coherent, organized manner. However, how we achieve this coherence in thought varies from person to person.

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