Interview activity 2/11

Marianna, Rhea

  1. Observational notes: Rhea’s artifact is a lipstick from the brand “Bobbi Brown.” The lipstick is in the color “nude” and I’m assuming that’s her go-to option when it comes to lipstick since I’ve seen her wearing the same or similar tones the past few months that we’ve been studying together. I think the lipstick probably comes from a makeup store such as Sephora or from the Macy’s makeup section.
  2. Personal notes: I personally love the makeup brand Bobbi Brown. Their lipstick products are great and with excellent quality. I have a similar lipstick from the same brand, but with a different color tone. My assumption is that Rhea likes good quality makeup – more especially lipsticks that lasts longer – and that wearing a lipstick is something that belongs to her day to day life – it’s not only used for “special” events.
  3. Interview with Rhea: The story behind Rhea’s artifact is very interesting. Her mother bought it in India and Rhea borrowed it from her almost over a year ago. She liked it so much that she decided to keep it and bring it with her when she moved to San Francisco. Rhea grew up surrounded by men in her house and has no sisters. Because of that, Rhea had always considered herself a “tomboy” – until little over a year ago. Although she used different lipsticks before, this was one has a special meaning to her. Not only it reminds her of her mother – which now lives far away from her – but it is also associated with the “beginning of a new lifestyle” where she started to feel more “feminine” and comfortable with herself. Since bright colors are associated with “marriage” in India, Rhea also said that lighter tones, such as nude, are usually the ones that she wears it the most when it comes to lipstick and makeup in general – she also thinks that it’s a better match with her skin color.


Hello! I’m Marianna and I’m a first-year MAPC student. I am originally from Brazil and moved to San Francisco almost 6 years ago. I studied Communication Studies at San Francisco State University and have been working with Marketing and Public Relations for the past 5 years. I started my career doing PR for restaurants and hotels in the Bay Area and switched to tech in order to learn something different. Currently, I work as a Content Manager for the MAPC program overseeing the program’s social media channels. I love traveling, dancing, cooking and being outdoors! When I’m not in school or at work, you can find me on the dance floor or drinking copious amounts of wine. Cheers!

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