September 24 – In Class Activity

Company: Subway

Subway US:

Subway Brazil:

What specific features regarding linguistic and cultural communication designs do you see as more prominent? How do they represent the local values/cultural specifics (i.e. localization)? In what ways does this website adopt (or not) effective communication strategies for the targeted audiences?

I was surprised when I first saw Subway’s Brazilian website, and how it is really different from the US one.


  • It has a very weak branding appealing compared to the US version
  • Its focus is on the “information” and not in the lifestyle beyond the product
  • Two of the highlights of the website is a call to action to the available careers at subway, and how to own a local franchise, what can lead us to an interpretation of a website not really focused on the client’s experience
  • B2B website instead of B2C
  • Its design is very “simple” – not minimalist
  • Content focus on the deals they offer
  • Popular words/ superlatives

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