In class discussion – part 2 – 10/22

Lorena & Marlee

  • Theory – Dialogue as building a culture of peace;
  • Dialogue approach in feminist movement – the example of inviting men to the conversation. Should men directly participate in the discussions involving feminism and marginalized groups?
  • With men involved, we think that the awareness of the movement would increase –¬† they would probably spread the word through their own built relationships with other men and increase the chances of more supporters
  • Localization theory applied to PLNs – you have to build relationships in order to understand the culture that you are in.
  • Culture = people
  • The concept of social justice itself has to be studied before any action is taken and considered relative to the people it would benefit.
  • How: when you apply PLNs with a “social justice” goal is important to go through all levels of relationships to¬†understand the issue – don’t limit your research on the people in powerful positions – get to know the community needs and interests (connectivism).
  • Listen, understanding your surroundings, connect with people.

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