Hello! My name is Mariam Jebari. I come from a small town called Exeter, New Hampshire but I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 2018 and took a gap year instead of heading straight to university. On my gap year, I went to 10 different countries and explored several distinct cultures and landscapes. My favorite destination was Amsterdam in The Netherlands because the people were all so kind and open, and there is always something to do there.

I come with a mixture of different backgrounds because my father is from Morocco, my mother is from Colombia, and my brother and I were born in the United States. While sometimes having all of these eccentric and vibrant cultures becomes a challenge, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Knowing people with many different viewpoints and values has led me to live a very open and accepting life. I love to learn and love to have deep conversations about life and existentialism.

My one true passion is music. Since I was a toddler I’ve been in love with music, whether it was creating it or simply listening. I play guitar, piano, ukulele, trumpet, and I love to sing. I am in the Performing Arts and Social Justice major here at USF and I am enjoying it so far!