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I am so grateful that I have the privilege and opportunity to live in the United States Capitol—Washington D.C. This area is an amazing place to be a 22-year old with energy and big ideas. Despite learning from and immersing myself into the seemingly endless opportunities that are ever present here in DC, my singular source of sanity and happiness stems from the students here at UCDC. I’ve been blessed to meet students from Notre Dame, Michigan University, UCLA, Berkeley, and many more.

The students I’ve met and connected with, as well as the students I work with at the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank, have provided me with mental stimulation, emotional comfort, an atmosphere of inspiration, and the fun that I would have needed coming here! After a long day at work, or an exhausting day of classes, I can rely on a group of understanding students to lift my spirits, pushing me personally and spiritually. And as a USF student, I can confidently say USF has played a role in my success here. USF has certainly instilled in me an appreciation of diversity where it exists, and particularly here, I’ve appreciated diversity of students’ demographics and perspectives.

Also, I think effectively navigating the new social terrains I’ve been presented with, while practicing openness and humility, have allowed me to feel enriched and fulfilled during my time here in DC. So far, it’s been a month, and I’ll be here for another two months or so. Definitely looking forward to the new opportunities that arise in the near future, and every day that I wake up in this wonderful city. DC is such a fast paced city, but it seems that if you keep your eyes open and go at your own pace, you’ll find what you are looking for and find the fulfillment that you want.

usfmccarthycenter • March 2, 2015

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