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Introducing Our Fall 2018 USF in DC Fellows

Congratulations to our USF in DC Fall 2018 cohort! They are getting ready for an upcoming semester in Washington, D.C. in various parts of the Beltway–think tanks, law firms, non-profit organizations, in Congress, and policy advocacy shops. Please join us in welcoming our newest group of students.

The USF in DC program combines a public service internship concurrent with academic coursework. During their time in Washington, D.C., students will have a transformational experience with the opportunity to connect classroom theory with real-world application. In this way, they get a front row seat to how public policy affects people and communities in our nation’s Capital.

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Kelsey Perez, Communications ‘20

Kelsey is most excited about building my interpersonal skills and networking with people who are interested in the same policy and legislation reform as myself. She plans to use the DC experience to gain more knowledge of legislation while trying to dip her feet in a career that she never thought she would have to opportunity to try out. After completing the program, Kelsey hopes to educate individuals on how important policy and legislative reform is and help their voices be heard.

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Ruby Homan, Politics ‘20

Ruby is eager to expand her passion for politics in the USF in DC program. She is most excited to connect with and learn from her fellow colleagues in the internship program in regards to change, progress, and justice. USF in DC is the next step in a lifetime goal of political activism. She plans to refine her research and critical analysis skills in the praxis of the University of San Francisco to strive for a common good and a culture of service.

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Emma Curtis, Communications ‘19

Emma is interested in pursuing an internship concerning either agricultural policy or public health issues. She spent all of her childhood involved in youth agricultural education programs such as FFA and 4-H in Nevada City, CA. She has volunteered for several non-profits where she has provided dental care to school children, worked at a hospital in Uganda, and provided crisis counseling to victims of domestic violence. She is excited to see the impact political action can have on agriculture and public health in the United States during her experience with USF in DC.

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Emily Hill, International Studies, Latin American Studies ‘20

Emily is most excited about gaining professional experience in a progressive fast pace city and to utilize her education and apply it to the working world. She hopes to explore her areas of interests and passions by immersing herself in a completely new environment.

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Nicole Konstantinovica, Business Administration and Legal Studies ‘19

Nicole is looking forward to the diverse community and fast-paced work world that she will be thrown into. Her experience interning for Judge Brian Hill in Santa Barbara has given her a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in time management and organizational skills. She hopes to obtain an investigating internship with the Criminal District office. Nicole is confident that Washington will prepare her for a future career in law and broaden her communication, leadership and writing skills.

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Angie Muñoz, International Studies ‘20

Angie is excited to be part of the Fall 2018 USF in DC cohort. She hopes to further develop her professional skills and expand her knowledge about pertinent policy issues facing the country, specifically regarding immigration policy. She is also looking forward to witnessing first-hand the democratic process unfold since her cohort will be in DC during the midterm elections. Upon her return to San Francisco, she plans to apply her gained experience to her work in the community and help inform her career path.


Kate Pearlman, Communications ‘19

Kate will be joining the USF in DC program to pursue her interests in political communications. She expects to gain an understanding of how the media and government works together during such a unique political period. After completing the USF in DC program, she hopes to continue her work with political communications in San Francisco.

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