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The McCarthy Center’s annual “Power Breakfast“ is almost here! This is a celebration of the achievements of USF students who have interned in the world of public service. Our McCarthy Fellows serve in all levels of government and advocacy from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento to San Francisco! On November 8, a few of these McCarthy Fellows will share their stories, and give their unique insight to their journeys in Public Service! We’ll hear from:

Sophia Tarantino Lendschmidt
McCarthy Fellow in Sacramento
Internship: California Secretary of State
B.A., 2021, Economics; Public Service and Community Engagement Minor

Arianna Vazquez
McCarthy Fellow in San Francisco
Internship: SF Recreation and Parks
B.A. 2020, Management; Legal Studies

Katherine Na
B.A. 2021, International Studies
Keynote Speaker
Eric Jay
CEO, Storefront Media
McCarthy Center Board Member
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jgpearson • October 31, 2019

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