Metyia Phillips

Engage through History

Metyia Phillips ’23 is a Freshman at USF who joined the McCarthy Center as an Engage Literacy Tutor. Recently she and other Engage tutors participated in a community celebration of Black History Month performing poems and dances with kids from the Western Addition afterschool programs. 

I’ve always loved working with kids, so when I found out that I could fulfill my work-study by being an Engage Literacy Tutor, I was ecstatic. I’ve been volunteering with kids in kindergarten and first grade since I was in the sixth grade, so it was really nice for me to be able to work at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center with kids in kindergarten and first grade.

I’ve come to LOVE the kids that I work with and I’m invested in them now.

Working with kids makes me really happy. I feel like I’m doing something that will leave a positive impact on the kids that I work with. Not only do I teach the kids, but they also teach me, which makes this experience even better.

Recently, we worked on a poem for the Black and White Ball, which was a celebration of Black History Month with the other community center in the area. We recited a poem entitled “Stand Up” and although we practiced over and over, one of the kids forgot their lines and ended up freestyling. This is one of the many lessons that they’ve taught me, no matter how much you practice things still may not go your way. Every day is a new learning experience, but it’s always fun and fulfilling work as a tutor.

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jgpearson • April 2, 2020

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