The Vibrancy of Colombia

Recently, Community-Engaged Learning Manager at the McCarthy Center, Jackie Ramos travelled with students in the “Family Global Business Immersion in Cali, Colombia”. This course is part of the School of Management’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy Department’s family business offerings. The class allowed students to integrate general family business theories with on-site coursework and immersion experience with family businesses located in Cali, Colombia. The students put together a poem and video to reflect on their life-changing experience!

The Vibrancy of Colombia

Colombia is rising. Stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Its thick, sticky air holds a profound energy. 

Once I set foot in Cali, I am in awe of the culture reflected in the beautiful people, who are as curious about us as we are with them.

The bright walls of the buildings and hues of the fresh fruit in the market compliment the energy of the people who make this sacred place.

Every block is a new experience; I taste Lulo Juice, a strange and refreshing fruit is my citrus dream manifested to life.

Cali feeds my spirit with its beautiful art, colorful streets, expressive landscapes, delicious food, and radiating energía—reminding me of the place I once called home.

A stark juxtaposition between the old and new, the modern and historical, the two-existing side by side.

Capilla La Ermita, a beautiful Gothicism of religiosity that captivated me at first sight, instantly falling in love over and over again.

Its diversity embraces me with summer heat on lush green landscapes and late-night dancing.

The loving and welcoming actions of the locals, reflected in their moves, music, and food are gifts they are eager to share.

Even the passion and love of the country expressed by business owners humbles me.

Being in this motherland is unforgettable and these precious memories resurrect a new life.

Cali, using the gifts she gave me. I feel closer to her. In the cool of the night, the heat of the afternoon, ‘siempre pensando en ti.’

We are a part of each other’s journey that is incessant; and we are convinced that space nor time can ever separate us from you.

Cali Colombia you are Home.


by the Family Business Immersion 2020 Cohort

We are grateful to share this journey with you. Thank you

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jgpearson • April 16, 2020

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