Meet Our CEAs

Our Community Empowerment Activists (CEAs) have begun their program preparing to be transformative justice warriors! Their year long class analyzes systems of oppression and movements of resistance while working with grassroots organizations in San Francisco. Meet our CEAs and where they are interning this year.

Anika Becker ’22
Critical Diversity Studies Major, Anthropology Minor
SF Rising

Anika Becker (they/she) is a 2nd-year Critical Diversity Studies (major) and Chinese and Cultural Anthropology (minor) born in Changsha, Hunan, China and grew up in Portland, OR. Anika’s social justice passion to a reimagined just world is mindfully lifting  the generations to come with intention––creating spaces for young folx to walk in their agency to do more than survive, but thrive in every capacity of life. They are interning at SF Rising, an alliance of local grassroots organizations working collectively to build political power for working-class communities and communities of color.

Asya Bernal ’23
Sociology Major, Cultural Anthropology Minor
Youth vs. Apocalypse

Asya Bernal (she/ her/ hers) is a 3rd year, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Cultural Anthropology, born in Tacoma, Washington and from San Diego, California. Her social justice passions include advocating for equity and solidarity amongst oppressed communities and decolonizing institutions such as schools to create a reimagined just world. Asya is interning at the Youth vs. Apocalypse, working on a campaign to divest public employee pensions from fossil fuels.

Mikayla Brown ’24
Communication Studies and PASJ Major

Mikayla Brown (she/they) is a sophomore double majoring in Communication Studies and Performing Arts & Social Justice with a concentration in music. Mikayla’s social justice passions for a reimagined just world is uplifting Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices, seeking food and shelter security for all, equitable access to resources- including education, for underserved communities, and healing the planet through environmental justice. They are partnering with SOMCAN (South of Market Community Action Network), an organization devoted to building the collective power of working-class, immigrant, and youth families in San Francisco, through campaigning, community planning, and direct services.

Harlan Crawford ’24
Politics Major, Legal Studies Minor
SF Rising

Harlan Crawford (he/him/his), is a second-year, Politics major, also minoring in legal studies. He comes from Los Angeles, CA, and currently resides in San Francisco, here on campus at USFCA. Harlan’s social justice passion for a reimagined just world is healthcare access, especially in the richest nation on Earth, where nobody should live without access to quality, lifesaving care. He is interning at San Francisco Rising, which works relentlessly to build political power with marginalized, oppressed communities within the Bay Area.


Frances Eusebio ’23
International Studies Major, Peace and Justice Studies Minor
Faith in Action

Frances Eusebio (she/hers) is a 3rd year, International Studies major and Peace in Justice Studies minor. Her birthplace and home place is Manila, Philippines. Her social justice passion to a reimagined just world is education and accessible health care and housing for oppressed communities. Frances is interning at Faith in Action Bay Area and we are working on confronting power and transforming systems through leadership development, civic engagement, and community.

Alicia Gomez ’23
Sociology Major, Legal Studies Minor
No More Tears

Alicia Gomez (she/her) is a senior Sociology (major) and Criminology, Law, and Society; Legal Studies (minors), born and raised in San Jose, CA. Alicia’s social justice passion to a reimagined just world is centering healing and mental health––rooted in forgiveness and compassion––promoting safe mental and emotional health circles for communities of color, incarcerated people, and formerly incarcerated people. Alicia is interning at No More Tears, a violence and crime-prevention program founded by men incarcerated at San Quentin which centers healing, transformative justice, and nonviolence conflict resolution.


Sofia Haase-Oliva ’23
Critical Diversity Studies Major
Causa Justa

Sofia Haase-Oliva (she/they), is 3rd year, Critical Diversity Studies Major, minoring in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Science. They are passionate about community organizing, specifically as it pertains to re-imagining the American Legal system; everywhere from immigration and incarceration to environmental policy, and the intersections in between. They are interning at Cause Justa: Just Cause, a rights based organization that combats displacement and gentrification in the Bay Area through an intersectional lens rooted  in the knowledge that, “unity is power.”


Zach Hunter ’24
Politics Major, African American Studies Minor
No More Tears

Zachary Hunter (he, him) is a second-year Politics major and minoring in African American Studies. Born in Atlanta, GA, and raised in Stockbridge, GA. His social justice passion for a reimagined just world is creating equitable and safe spaces of belonging––for everyone to have access to resources and mentorship to thrive in life. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and his passion lies in dismantling the very system that works to remove that, the prison industrial complex. Zach is interning at No More Tears, working to disrupt pathways of violence and bring communal healing that works to reduce the recidivism rate of returning citizens.


Mei Lin ’22
International Studies and Asian Studies Major
Youth vs. Apocalypse

Mei Lin (she/her/她) is an International Studies major and Asian Studies and Fine Arts minor. Mei is also in the 4+1 Dual Degree teacher credentialing program at USF to receive her M.A. in teaching. Mei’s social justice passion to a reimagined just world is to be an educator that that leads with love, empathy, and compassion for future generations of young people to be their most authentic selves. Mei is interning with the Youth vs Apocalypse (YVA)––a group of diverse young climate activists fighting for a livable, sustainable, equitable, and just world. YVA empowers and provides a space for young people, particularly youth of color and working class youth, to fight in the frontlines of the climate movement as community leaders and activists.


Sadie Mills ’23
Marketing and Entrepreneurship Major

Sadie Mills (she/hers) is a third year, Marketing and Entrepreneurship/Innovation double major. Sadie’s social justice passion is decolonization in all areas of life. She strives to create empathetic spaces to educate and unlearn racist patterns and behaviors, and to not only include, but to uplift. Sadie is interning with SOMCAN, where she will be working with immigrant youth and families to combat the systemic issues they face, as well as building their collective voice.


Estelle Petrocelli ’24
Sociology Major, Anthropology and Philosophy Minors
Youth vs. Apocalypse

Estelle Petrocelli (they/them) is a 2nd year, Sociology major and Anthropology and Philosophy minor. They come from Aptos, CA, just an hour and a half away from the Bay Area. Their social justice passion to a reimagined just world––is to fight for an equitable future for all––where we feel safe, happy, and can have the capacity and freedom to grow as our fully, actualized individuals, without societal pressure, expectations, and oppression perpetrated upon us. They are  interning at Youth vs Apocalypse (YVA) and they are working on a few initiatives and campaigns.


Zachary Sexton ’24
Urban Studies Major
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

Zachary Sexton (He/Him) is a 2nd Year Urban Studies Major, born in Houston, TX and was raised in North Carolina. His social justice passion for a reimagined just world is advocating for the equitable redistribution of resources and power to marginalized communities through collectivised action toward community stability, equitable distribution of resources, and the reconstruction of city governance power structures. Zach is interning at the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, and they are working on developing and protecting affordable housing initiatives, conducting community health programs, and supporting the activism of the Tenderloin community.


Emmet Winter ’23
International Studies and Spanish Major

 Emmet Winter (he/him) is a third year International Studies and Spanish major. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in San Francisco, California. Emmet’s social justice passion to a reimagined just world is bringing justice to all those who have been wronged in our society and sovereignty to those who have been dispossessed of their lands, and always centering them and their needs. He is interning at the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, which works with various tenant associations across the city to inform tenants of their rights in the city/county and state, and to protect them from neglect or abuse at the hands of their buildings’ owners. 


Alaia Zaki
Critical Diversity Studies Major, Peace and Justice Studies Minor

Alaia Zaki (she/hers), 3rd year, born in San Francisco, raised in the Bay Area suburbs, and now back in San Francisco! She’s majoring in Critical Diversity Studies, also pursuing a minor in Peace and Justice Studies as well as Cultural Anthropology. Her social justice passions are exploring abolition and building unity and community through accountability and revolutionary love to a reimagined just world. Alaia believes in restorative justice as a way to heal and bring communities together. She’s interning at Housing Rights Committee SF, and they’re working on community organizing for tenants to fight for and protect their rights. 


Causa JustaFaith in ActionHousing Rights Committee of SFNo More TearsSan Francisco RisingSF Public DefendersSouth of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN)Tenderloin Neighborhood Development CorporationYouth vs. Apocalypse

Leo T. McCarthy Center • October 29, 2021

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