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Last summer, Lovepreet Dhinsa brought her skills and passion for change to the Equity Interns program. The partnership between the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, USF’s Leo T. McCarthy Center, and the YMCA of San Francisco trains college students to provide virtual learning experiences to children in grades K-8 at the YMCA of San Francisco’s Power Scholars Academy. Through this work, Equity Interns like Dhinsa hope to reduce the achievement gap and prevent COVID-19 learning loss in under-resourced communities. Learn about her experience and consider applying to be an Equity Intern this year! This is a reprint from USF News.

What inspired you to pursue the Equity Interns program and what are your aspirations for the future? 

Growing up, I did not learn much about equity in my K-12 education. That all changed when I came to USF, where my thoughts and beliefs have been constantly challenged. Through the program, I knew I would be able to create meaningful connections and gain a deeper understanding of equity.

I will be attending law school next fall, and in the future, I hope to provide legal representation for people of color who have been disproportionately affected by the legal system. I also hope to eventually work in public policy to create long-lasting changes in my own community.

What have been some of your most memorable experiences within the Equity Interns program thus far? 

The most memorable experience within the Equity Interns program was getting to meet the YMCA Scholars one-on-one. The connection with them made the experience worth it because it allowed me to make a small difference in their education. Learning about the different aspects of equity and how I could implement changes in my own life was the highlight of the program. Moving forward, I will use these lessons to create systemic change, which I hope will create a lasting impact for people of color in the future.

The Equity internship starts in the beginning of June and ends mid-July. The days of programming will be Monday-Thursday from noon-5:30pm. Apply here.


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Leo T. McCarthy Center • April 14, 2022

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