How our students show up in community

In this week’s blog, we share insight from 2023 cohort from the Community Partner Co-Educator (CPCE) Fellowship. The 12 community partner participants were asked about USF students; who they are, what are their identities, and what do they bring to their organizations? Read the exceptional quotes and testimonials from the CPCE Fellows’  responses and reflections as we learn more about our students from the community partners’ perspectives. 

Students in Community Engaged Learning

“Eager to work with young students; aware of social injustices; speak multiple languages; enthusiastic about social justice”                       


“Ambitious; reflective and passionate; bridge builders in their communities; agents of change” 

 “Wide breadth of experiences, interests, and identities; tech-forward; knowledge from the community”


“Have a positive outlook on life; they teach us too!”


Learn more about Community Partner Co-Educator (CPCE) Fellowship here!

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arwilliamsonraun • May 24, 2023

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