How our students show up in community

In this week’s blog, we share insight from 2023 cohort from the Community Partner Co-Educator (CPCE) Fellowship. The 12 community partner participants were asked about USF students; who they are, what are their identities, and what do they bring to their organizations? Read the exceptional quotes and testimonials from the CPCE Fellows’  responses and reflections…

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Collaboration For Equitable Education

In this week’s blog Darius Moore ’25 and double major in both Finance and Accounting, reflects on his experience as an Engage San Francisco Literacy Tutor with students from Rosa Parks Elementary School. Read why Darius’ passion for education has not only been influential in the classroom, but also in his business endeavors providing financial…

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Reflecting on the Impact of The Leo T. McCarthy Center

In this week’s blog, Carla Trujillo, Graduate Assistant for Engage San Francisco, shares her experience with the Engage San Francisco Literacy program and the School of Education. Learn more about how each program transformed her professional development, as well as the meaningful connections that nurtured her passions for education. Luckily, for us, it’s not farewell…

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Dismantling Grind Culture

In this week’s blog, Cassidy Steele, our Graduate Assistant for Engage San Francisco, considers her identity as a first generation graduate student balancing professional and personal life. Keep reading to find out how Cassidy has resisted burnout and grind culture after years of self-reflection.  As a first-generation graduate student, I have unknowingly been heavily influenced…

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Nurses’ Place in Healthcare Policy: Advocating for Patients and the Profession

In this week’s blog, Sunshine Joyce Alba Batasin BSN-RN describes her experience of connecting healthcare, nursing, and public policy. Learn more about Sunshine’s recent participation at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Student Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. with a national network of individuals advocating for nursing initiatives.  The depth and breadth of…

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A Weekend of Civil Discourse

Last month March 24-26, USF Politics seniors Jada Commodore and Aaron Fontan traveled to the University of Delaware for the Biden School of Public Policy Stravos Nicharos Foundation National Student Dialogue. This weekend brought together students from all over the country to engage in intellectual discussions on anti-intellectualism. The theme of the weekend was “Confronting…

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Sowing the Seeds of Transformative Justice

In this week’s blog Maya Jane Visconte ’25, Community Empowerment Activist (CEA), shares their vision for their final CEA project guided by the value of transformative justice. Keep reading to find out how the CEA program nurtures Maya’s passion for seed sovereignty and their active role at the USF Seed Library, demonstrating the importance of…

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