Art Agnos in Urban Affairs class

Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos recently spoke to Master of Arts in Urban Affairs students about the urban planning of the San Francisco waterfront, including the Golden State Warriors Arena and the 8 Washington project.


The Single Stories: An ACE Reflection

Advocate for Community Engagement Aundraya Martinez had her final reflection with Professor Evelyn Ho’s “Ethnography of Communications” class last week.   Students wrote the “single stories” and preconceptions they had about the Tenderloin prior to engaging in service at the St. Anthony Foundation Tech Lab and placed those inside the box.   Then, thinking “outside the…

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Gender, Power and Democracy in India: A Sarlo Scholar’s Experience

By Neema Jyothiprakash “Zindabad! Zindabad!” It means long live the revolution; I have only seen it on TV, as protesters chant, or in Bollywood movies. The second day at my organization I interned with, I saw it said as hands clasped together in greeting. People had come from 3 or 4 hours away for the…

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A Conscious Leader

Hello my name is Brandon Oldham, and I am currently working as a project manager at Quesada Gardens Initiative in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. As project leader, I’ve been working with multiple USF service-learners to launch the Quesada Gardens General Store.  Working with USF service-learners greatly connects to my former role as an Advocate for Community Engagement…

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From ACE to Americorps VISTA

My name is Carly Smith. I recently graduated from USF in May 2013 with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Public Service and Community Engagement. I participated in several of McCarthy Center programs including the Public Service minor, the McCarthy Fellows program c/o 2011 and the ACE program from 2010-2013. After graduating…

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Week 3: Understanding CA Politics

Internship: Assemblywoman Bonilla How has your view of California government and the political process changed or stayed the same since the start of your internship in Sacramento? My view going into this summer fellowship was that I knew nothing and I was going to learn a lot. Simple, I know, but my self-acknowledged ignorance to…

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Week 2: Organization Structure

Internship: Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development How is your host internship site organized in terms of teams, departments, or divisions? What is your office environment like, and how does the office structure contribute to effectively delivering services or accomplishing its agency mission? During my summer internship experience with the USF McCarthy Fellows I…

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