Lab 06: An Introduction to Geneious

Allyson Luber

October 1, 2019

Computer Lab: An Introduction to Geneioius

  • In this computer lab we were able to assemble, edit, and BLAST each of our sequence/reverse pairs
  • Allowed us to match the fish species we were supposed to be served at the restaurants
  • Attached below are snapshots of the nucleotide alignments for each species, aligned next to closely related (or the exact species) fish:



  • Specimen 02 (AEL02) was labeled as “Eel” on the menu and was found out to be matched with Japanese/European eel (Anguilla rostrata voucher; 99.1% grade)
  • Specimen 04 was labeled as “White tuna” and was found to be matched with multiple different tuna families (Thunnus alalunga, Thunnus orientalis)
  • In each alignment there were at least 10 polymorphic sites found (listed below)

02: 25, 76, 81, 105, 110, 123, 172, 196, 211, 241

04: 73, 124, 130, 133, 163, 250, 295, 340 (only 8)

  • Specimens 01 and 03 did not make it through the PCR process which is why we weren’t able to get and forward or reverse reads for it. Specimen 01 was supposed to be salmon and 03 was mackerel

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