In class audio essay group work 9/14

Abby’s audio essay showed us about her puppy she got, I loved the pictures and how she narrated her story. It was cute and something I liked listening too, and also easy to follow along, her slides flowed very well and it all made sense. I know she has editing to do but for a rough draft I think she has an excellent start.

In jaspers rough draft it shows how he learned to be a DJ and what he did to pursue his art by buying everything he needed to make that come true and how he will do it in the future. I think his start is great and has a great rough draft. maybe more color and clearer pictures. other than that both of their drafts were really good.

audio draft 9/14

Ted Talk 9/9 in class writing

ethos: explains why cats act so weird to show owners and explain why cats do what they do, explaining a cats point of view in a way.

pathos: apealing to audience emotion for pets and loving animals, and relating to pet owners.

logos: Speaker is probably a pet owner himself so a lot of what he is saying is true and audience can back it up as well by being pet owners too.

adobe practice

class activity

Alisha Mwantza response got my attention because she thinks the same as me personal or not, students can contract their opinion on how qualified someone is and you can hear or understand how they are when they talk and see if they’re trust worthy or not. And you can always look up and see how long someone has been researching or working in the topic they’re speaking about.

(Aditya, Jiarun, Mersaydes)Energy drinks

Writer: Brandon hall

“Strength and conditioning for NCA”

Why is bang better for you than other energy drinks?

Comparing ingredients with other companies. Compared to a 16oz of rockstar has 260 calories 62 grams of sugar, and bang has 0 calories.

The goal has been achieved because the author gives plenty of evidence as to why the “Bang” energy drink is better for you than other energy drinks. And is informing an audience why they should drink bang if they want to choose an energy drink.

Meaning of name

Meaning of mersaydes “Means “mercies” (that is, the plural of mercy), from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, María de las Mercedes, meaning “Mary of Mercies”. It is ultimately from the Latin word merces meaning “wages, reward”, which in Vulgar Latin acquired the meaning “favour, pity” [1]. See All · Family Tree.”

my last name means “In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Barika is: Bloom or be successful.”

I used to be embarrassed of my name but then I grew to love it

I never changed my name.


Mersaydes Barika

I am from Seattle Washington

I went to Tacoma school of the arts

I currently live in the dorms right now in San Francisco

My major is performing arts and social justice


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