2/11/20 Pitch Practice

Mia Santino

Jenilyn Lauigan 

Zhaowen Zheng 


Story: Learning Spanish 

Intro: I plan to discuss my views on learning a new language and how a classroom environment can effect that. I’d like to start by first addressing my personal experience with Spanish and how my dads side of the family speaks it. This explains to my audience why learning this new language is important and relavent to my life.

Body: Next, I will inform my audience on my past experience with a particular technique of learning a new language that I was shown in my high school Spanish classroom. I will discuss how this form of teaching is unhelpful and difficult for students to learn an entirely new language. 

Body 2: Then, I’d like to discuss how much my learning perspective has changed when coming to college. I will do this by telling my audience how my new professor approaches the new language and her strategies for getting the class to digest and understand Spanish. 

Body 3: Compare the two forms of teaching/ classroom environment. Maybe talk about how I have been able to use spanish in daily life.

Conclusions: Offer the audience: I hope to teach my audience that there is a technique to learning a language that works. I also hope that this can help those who are interested in understanding a new language so that they can communicate better with their loved ones, friends, and overall community. 

My audio essay is aimed to help the audience grow and expand their knowledge of other cultures and languages. This has been an amazing experience for me and I plan to help others experience the same feeling. 

Suggestions for them to start learning: persuade audience.


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