My name is Mia Sotak. I am a first-year biology major on a Pre-Health track at the University of San Francisco. I was born in Philadelphia and lived there up until high school when I moved to SoCal. In SoCal, I attended EMT school and received my certification. I am currently working as an Emergency Medical Technician here at USF,  which I take pride in.

In my free time, I am a very avid yoga enthusiast, and I hope to get my teacher training in the near future. I am on board of the yoga club on campus, too. Along with yoga and working, which I enjoy tremendously, I enjoy spending time with my father and my younger sister. I also really love seafood, especially blue crabs which I could easily eat a dozen! I am left-handed as well, which I love to brag about.

I have aspirations to go into the medical field, especially Emergency Medicine. I plan to go to medical school to become a Physician. When I was 13 years old, my mother passed away from a 2-year battle of appendiceal cancer. While she was ill, I took on the role of the “parent” and cared for my younger sister of eight while caring for my mother. Having to mature at such a young age was difficult, although I learned a level of human compassion and care at a level that many do not have the opportunity to experience. That particularly has made me realize that I want to continue caring for people as a physician.

After completing my first semester here at USF, I really feel at home and look forward to what is in my future.

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