2/11 In Class Writing

For my narrative, I will be talking about when I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast when I was 13 years old. This move was triggered by the death of my mother, and I will speak about the obstacles I faced caring for her and my younger sister while she was sick such as making dinner, pinching pennies, and juggling school. I will deeply go into exactly what I encountered when moving the West Coast while grieving my mother’s death, and how it has changed my approach to moving and going out of my comfort zone.

I will specifically go into exactly how not only did I experience such a large culture shock, but I did so at such a rough time in my life which has taught me perseverance and strength at a level that most people don’t experience at such a young age. I will also tie in the fact that because I was able to care for my mom, I ¬†experienced human compassion that ultimately made my decision to go into the medical field. I flourished because of this.

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