Redwood violet – Mt. Tam Steep Ravine

Date: May 3rd, 2018

Location: Mount Tamalpais Steep Ravine


Latitude: Latitude: 37.896465, Longitude:  -122.636234, Elevation: 1,500 ft

 Species Description: The redwood violet, also known as viola sempervirens in the violaceae family is a perennial herb. The leaves are simple and evergreen, with ovate, and are often purple-spotted on 1 or both sides. The flowers are often purple-streaked or spotted. The petals are lemon-yellow and sepals are lanceolate.

Site Description: Mount Tamalpais, located in Marin County, is a site known to provide for great hikes and camping sites. Additionally, Mount Tamalpais have many hillside habitats and serpentine soils as well. Mount Tampalpais adjoins the Golden Gate National Recreation Area as well as several Marin County Open Space Preserves, providing for nearly 40 miles of continuously publicly accessible open space.


Narrative: For this trip, Professor Paul notified us that we will be climbing down a 10-ft ladder, which had be worried since I am very prone to falling even on flat ground. However, the ladder was much sturdier than I imagined, and climbing down ended up being quite fun for our class. I was sad that this would be the last hike we could enjoy together before the final field quiz. This class has brought many adventures and memories that I will cherish for my last semester at USF.

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