S2: What is next?…Wait I know!

Read a selection on “Using Field Research” from Envision: Writing and Researching Arguments (Alfano and O’Brien, 2014).

Use 1 or 2 slides, as appropriate.

The aura around public schooling especially Chicago Public Schools – or Chicago in general – is not necessarily always a positive one.  Therefore, my topic proposal for S2 will somehow be centered around [Chicago] public education. While yes, this course is titled, “Speaking of Bicycles,” we spend a lot of time speaking, analyzing, and drawing connections between everyday life either to bicycles literally, but mostly ( in my opinion figuratively). Thus, I shall do the same. The concepts of space, the complexities of simple mechanics, and overall perception are all concepts that can easily be explored through the public education crisis in Chicago. In terms of gathering information, yes I will obviously use numerical evidence to support my claim – because for Chicago the numbers are just outrageous – but primarily the pathetical and logistical aspects of my speech will be what I intend to focus on. Just like situations/concepts surrounding bicycles, a lot of it has to do with personal experience, benefit, loss, and logical/reasonable use.

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