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Final Video:

Video Drafts: I put all the takes into one video, because there were so many takes. This allows most takes to be seen.



How bike thief can be dangerous -> Intro: statistics and real thieves -> Reintroduction of cousin (stand-in thief) -> Personal Experience -> Cousins (transition) -> Satire Video of a robbery -> Closing remarks: stats and common sense -> Closing (cousins)

Transcript: *improv included in video*


Hello, are you scared of me?

Well you should be!

I’m one of the one million bike thieves who want your bike.

Im dangerous.


Over 1 million bikes are stolen annually.

About 5% are recovered annually.

With over 45% of bike thefts occurs during the nighttime, most victims do not have a chance to confront their bike thief or avoid doing so because they are usually armed and potentially dangerous.

Take Igor Kent. Wouldd you want to try to fight him?


What about me?


Last week i became another statistic in San Francisco. Having my bike stolen outside of Hayes Healy, I found myself questioning what would I do if i encountered the bike thief. Ironically, this weekend I was able to see an attempted bike theft on my way home.

Gaby & Mateo:

What would you do:


We always here statistics and news coverage around bike fatalities and crashes. However, we so rarely are reminded about the unsung danger of owning a bicycle. Nearly 12% of people are injured attempting to fight off a thief. Because you are in possession of a valuable whose vulnerability is so high, it si crucial that one takes the necessary precautions to ensure both your and your bikes safety.

This video is satire

Never approach a bike thief alone.


The intended audience for S3 is decision makers. And because of that the ‘decision makers’ I’m hoping to reach out to, are bicyclist themselves and also those in charge of bike advocacy groups. Advocacy groups so often educate cyclist around bike safety and needed precautions. The classes they offer around these subject matters often overlook a certain safety measure that correlates with an ever-growing statistic – encountering a bike thief correlating with the rising number of bike thefts. Amongst advocacy groups they spree out rhetoric around self awareness, however only in terms of cars. However, when decision makers come upon bicycle expansion, they must factor in bicycle crime and the potential negative social and economical risk it brings. In no way am I insinuating that more bike usage directly leads to more crime, however, I do believe it can contribute to the vulnerability of a certain community.


The credibility is demonstrated in the video by my personal experience. An experience that allowed me to question myself and that I know exist amongst those beyond just the bicycle community. I attempt to reestablish my credibility by merging both fact and fiction – scenarios versus actual events and stats. In your attempt to convince others, it is beneficial to present them with situational humor to make your point more relatable in hopes that they will further explore your topic (presentation). Furthermore, Tseng and Fogg discuss how credibility and trust are not interchangeable. Because my video merges statistics, personal experience, and humor, it allows it to be more believable (credible). This then allows the audience to trust both my advice and information presented to them. Through my personal experience that led me to question myself, the “user understanding and user need for information” Tseng and Fogg mention, both become relevant.

Post Presentation Reflection & 2 commentaries:

I personally view my S3 presentation as a failure. For some failure is viewed and considered to a negative thing, however I perceive it as an attempt whose full potential was not showcased, but will on the next attempt. In creating my S3 presentations into a video, there were various components to me that were not necessarily foreign to me, but obstacles that I knew would delay or change the outcome. A desired outcome that was constructed in my mind, but not necessarily one that came into fruition. Not everyone has a ‘YouTube’ voice, and I knew going into it that I necessarily did not have it. However, I banked on the usage of visuals and cousins to captivate the audiences as I hoped it would. My cousins were used to add comedic relief and help tell a story that in video format can become boring for the audience. Now was it successful, I am not sure because I was not able to see my classmates’ reactions, however it definitely made me laugh and made this topic more appealing and captivating for myself.

I would also like to critic my video in terms of the prompt. I am not sure if I fully was able to answer the prompt in my video. I was not sure if this was due to my intended audience being so broad which added to the informality of the video, or the overall evidence presented.

For my S4 I will resort to the traditional format, because in terms of public speaking, I feel I’m able to offer more to my audience through that. Also, my level of effectiveness and efficiency seems to be more aligned with a traditional format.

Of the presentations I was able to see in class, Victoria’s seemed to be the most prompt-oriented and effective in terms of giving the audience information and reasons to abide by her demands.


Hey J –

I enjoyed your presentation. I’ve never heard of honeycomb tires until your presentation. Based on what you explained, they seemed the most logical wheel that everyone should be using.


Hey Victoria –

Great presentation. Really informative and I like how you transformed it into a proposition. It really embodied the prompt and made me agree with your position.

Youtube Voice Videos :


I watched both 20 Emojis That Need To Exist and Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike, in hopes of finding the an ideal Youtube Voice. Tyler Oakley’s voice was meant for a Youtube platform. His voice was definitely able to captivate me, but it only lasted so long. After reaching the third minute, his over zealousness fazed me. Because of this, it is uncommon to find this sort of voice in formal presentations. However, it is ideal for Youtube because the wide range of pitch and tones are able to discern viewers from existing out. The speaker in “Teaching Your Kid How to Ride A Bike,” was a great contrast to the first video. Her voice did have monotone tendencies, it was attractable enough to garner attention of a longer period of time. I found myself being able to focus more on her advice – despite running out one. While this may not be the ideal Youtube voice,  for the viewer who is less interested in her substance versus performance can easily click out, it definitely is more fluid for a formal informational.

S3: Mata

For my S3 presentation want to ask public transportation systems in urban cities – is it time to upgrade and incorporate prepaid methods to our transportation system. Over the last two years Chicago has adopted a ‘ tap & go system” something very similar to here in SF. However, its efficiency is questionable at times. How can overall transportation efficiency be bettered in urban setting where time is money for many Americans.

However, I am not 100% sold on exploring this topic for my S3. I will finalize my topic proposal (and update this post) later today in class.


Working Idea. 

Article Reflection

My beliefs most closely aligned with Daniel Duane. His closing paragraph was that of a proposal; something I always try to incorporate and believe adds value to your claim by giving the audience a direct way to react.


The first article’s evidence was compelling at times, however other times it felt mislead. For example, throughout he references New York, but brings up data or examples from Idaho or rural biking communities. Despite his attempt to parallel the two, for me the arguments fails to convince me when there lacks direct modules in which the data correlate to the scenario (setting).

Duane’s article finds success by prompting the responsibility and attempting to guilt (lack of better word) both drivers and cyclist into acting and end certain stigmas surrounding each one. 

Byrne Response

Byrne’s writing and experiences reminded me of myself. He clearly observes his surroundings. Throughout his journeys to Apple, to Alcatraz, and the city as a whole as he is listening to people or walking around, not only is he observing, but also questioning. At times it seems he over analyzes the little things in life, but it actually brings forth valid questions many may have. The subtitle ‘Inside and Outside’ is fully explored both literally and figuratively. This way of writing allows there reader to view and understand things without having to seek answers from others. Byrne truly embodies an explorer who not only seeks adventure, but where adventure seeks him. Meaning that he gains and experiences more than a typical person or than he anticipated. The fact that he is also apart of a band and is able to go out where people recognize him only adds to his unique character and way of thinking. Taqueria Cancun is a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. When Googled, there were multiple locations and or restaurants with the name, so I chose the one the seemed more logical for a Muni ride to Golden Gate.



S2 Reflection

bike-crash-young-boy-to-scared-look-his-face-isolaed-white-background-42138729Going into today’s S2 presentation, I felt fairly confident. Even the minutes leading up to it I felt fine, but for some reason once I was up there my nerves started to act-up. To me I feel like it clearly showed because I felt myself moving my arms a lot and switching leg motions. However, I will admit some of times I touched my face, I did so consciously, in an attempt to ease my nerves. However, I am unsure if that actually helped.

My overall presentation dealt with course material in regards to space, sharing space, bicycle safety, and how to communicate best with others and yourself. Over the past few weeks there has been an emphasize on co-existence across various modes of transportation and improvements one can make. By focusing on two common modes of transport and highlighting their flaws, it allows there to be dialogue as to which is better and can become better.

My time of changing slides were at times off and I should have allowed more time for each slide so that the audience can draw connections. I would credit though that my slides were primarily pictures as appose to facts or evidence that was then just read off the screen.

Despite me believing that my topic was the most unique, it did have its challenges. My evidence was more numerical central, therefore I did have to adhere to my notes frequently to ensure I was giving of correct information. Despite this though, having practice going off script and ensuring eye contact, I do see me being successful in those regards.

I will not name names, however during my presentation there was one person that kept giggling to themselves very discreetly. But not discreet enough, for when I would look out to the class I ,y eyes would easily picked it up. This added to my nerves for my train of thought lost focus from my presentation and started pondering as to why that person was giggling. I knew that nothing i saw was extremely funny. Maybe I was making a weird facial expression or something. But after a while it got pretty annoying…I felt like stepping and said “dude really.”

I enjoyed that peers referred to the presentation of others to further add credibility or new evidence to their presentation. The overall use of powerpoint were also helpful in visualizing what they were saying and veered my eyes to the screen versus the actual person.

In the future my stance and overall body movement has to be improved. If it distracted me, I can only wonder if it distracted the audience. Along with that would be my vocal projection. At times I could barely here myself or too fast. I do however want to continue localizing my speeches because it is then when I feel the most prepared and interest in the topic.


S2: Speaking Center

I for one am not someone who enjoys asking for help, but after meeting with Claudia Sanchez may have, kinda, changed my mind about that. I pleasantly enjoyed my experience at the Speaking center. Being her last appointment there was to feeling of having to her up and rush and it was very conversational. We talked about my topic and her experiences listening my classmate’s speeches. This of course was after we discussed and practiced my speech. We focused on avoiding stumbles while giving the speech. She did so because my argument was reliant on clearly articulating my evidence. I would recommend the speaking center to others and go again myself. I also found out my RA is a speaking coach.

S2 Video Practice #1

Link to video 1


This practice video was taken prior to attending the Speaking Center. You can clearly see I depended heavily on the paper and took frequent pauses. Having my window open and having the baseball team blast music and there being a delivery trucking too made it hard for me to focus – semi-excuse. I also was not certain in which direction to look at.