S2 Reflection

bike-crash-young-boy-to-scared-look-his-face-isolaed-white-background-42138729Going into today’s S2 presentation, I felt fairly confident. Even the minutes leading up to it I felt fine, but for some reason once I was up there my nerves started to act-up. To me I feel like it clearly showed because I felt myself moving my arms a lot and switching leg motions. However, I will admit some of times I touched my face, I did so consciously, in an attempt to ease my nerves. However, I am unsure if that actually helped.

My overall presentation dealt with course material in regards to space, sharing space, bicycle safety, and how to communicate best with others and yourself. Over the past few weeks there has been an emphasize on co-existence across various modes of transportation and improvements one can make. By focusing on two common modes of transport and highlighting their flaws, it allows there to be dialogue as to which is better and can become better.

My time of changing slides were at times off and I should have allowed more time for each slide so that the audience can draw connections. I would credit though that my slides were primarily pictures as appose to facts or evidence that was then just read off the screen.

Despite me believing that my topic was the most unique, it did have its challenges. My evidence was more numerical central, therefore I did have to adhere to my notes frequently to ensure I was giving of correct information. Despite this though, having practice going off script and ensuring eye contact, I do see me being successful in those regards.

I will not name names, however during my presentation there was one person that kept giggling to themselves very discreetly. But not discreet enough, for when I would look out to the class I ,y eyes would easily picked it up. This added to my nerves for my train of thought lost focus from my presentation and started pondering as to why that person was giggling. I knew that nothing i saw was extremely funny. Maybe I was making a weird facial expression or something. But after a while it got pretty annoying…I felt like stepping and said “dude really.”

I enjoyed that peers referred to the presentation of others to further add credibility or new evidence to their presentation. The overall use of powerpoint were also helpful in visualizing what they were saying and veered my eyes to the screen versus the actual person.

In the future my stance and overall body movement has to be improved. If it distracted me, I can only wonder if it distracted the audience. Along with that would be my vocal projection. At times I could barely here myself or too fast. I do however want to continue localizing my speeches because it is then when I feel the most prepared and interest in the topic.


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