Byrne Response

Byrne’s writing and experiences reminded me of myself. He clearly observes his surroundings. Throughout his journeys to Apple, to Alcatraz, and the city as a whole as he is listening to people or walking around, not only is he observing, but also questioning. At times it seems he over analyzes the little things in life, but it actually brings forth valid questions many may have.┬áThe subtitle ‘Inside and Outside’ is fully explored both literally and figuratively. This way of writing allows there reader to view and understand things without having to seek answers from others. Byrne truly embodies an explorer who not only seeks adventure, but where adventure seeks him. Meaning that he gains and experiences more than a typical person or than he anticipated. The fact that he is also apart of a band and is able to go out where people recognize him only adds to his unique character and way of thinking. Taqueria Cancun is a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. When Googled, there were multiple locations and or restaurants with the name, so I chose the one the seemed more logical for a Muni ride to Golden Gate.


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