Youtube Voice Videos :


I watched both 20 Emojis That Need To Exist and Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike, in hopes of finding the an ideal Youtube Voice. Tyler Oakley’s voice was meant for a Youtube platform. His voice was definitely able to captivate me, but it only lasted so long. After reaching the third minute, his over zealousness fazed me. Because of this, it is uncommon to find this sort of voice in formal presentations. However, it is ideal for Youtube because the wide range of pitch and tones are able to discern viewers from existing out. The speaker in “Teaching Your Kid How to Ride A Bike,” was a great contrast to the first video. Her voice did have monotone tendencies, it was attractable enough to garner attention of a longer period of time. I found myself being able to focus more on her advice – despite running out one. While this may not be the ideal Youtube voice,  for the viewer who is less interested in her substance versus performance can easily click out, it definitely is more fluid for a formal informational.

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