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bike-crash-young-boy-to-scared-look-his-face-isolaed-white-background-42138729Post Presentation Reflection (500 words)

Overall feelings about my presentation was that is was average. The slideshow and visuals were definitely interesting and directly pertained to my content. However, my overall deliver did not adhere to my standards and expectations. My fellow classmates are so hard to read – in terms of their facial expressions – that is causes me to have anxiety that I didn’t expect going into S4. Because all our interest are widely varied and our intents to actually go fight for change is so unclear (just based on the interactions I’ve had with them), it makes it difficult to feel confident. That is why I felt I was reliant and resorted to my script too much. However, I did find it beneficial that I went first, for my presentation set the tone for advocacy in general as could be related to nearly all the presentations that followed. In class we learned and saw how TED speakers and youtubers seeked to engage the audience or reiterate key points in the beginning and end of their presentations, that is why in this presentation I sought out a different ending. An ending that could be easily repeated due to its rhythmic tones and evocation of emotions. While I did not attempt any sort of varied voice (like a Youtuber) I did seek to use a more vibrant theme and images that could give of main points and intention by just looking at them – especially if my audience was attuned to what I was saying at times.

2 comments on others (posted on their blogs, but also here)

  1. Mae – I really enjoyed your S5 presentations. It was so visually engaging and I was able to understand and become curious about your topic. The use of others and voice changers was great. Also it was a side of you we normally don’t have a chance to see in class so I enjoyed it all!
  2. Ashley – Your delivery in terms of your voice and overall expressions made your presentations entertaining and easy to follow. Probably one of the more lively presenters of the class. Also, your topic proves to crucial during these times, thanks for the reminder!

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