May 1; In class assignment

In a good presentation we believe that you need:

  1. Good eye contact
  2. good volume
  3. reliability
  4. Engaging

For elsa, “dangers of drinking red bull and other energy drinks”

For Hao wang, “how to solve the parking problem in san francisco”

Moana: “if athletes should get paid”

Hat’s presentation:

eye contact is very good, good volume. be a little more enthusiastic. more movements with body. good points and structure.



April 29; Free Writing

In my argument I will make a very sad appeal towards the environment because of the plastic that causes global warming. I feel like making this emotional appeal will hook the audience and get them to listen. Plastic is such a big issue here in the US but certain states are making an effort to lessen the plastic that they distribute. For example, California, Hawai’i, amongst others are doing this. Therefore, while I present, I will give the negative effects of this and then solutions. This is a very big topic because this will affect the generation here today and the next. Therefore, I feel like todays generation is taking more action to help save our earth. I will do my best to make this argument as clear as possible.


How long do you think our Earth has until it starts to self destruct? *give a legitimate reliable answer. Then I will talk about how our earth is slowly diminishing because of the pollution, and a lot of this stems from plastic. I will talk about pollution as a whole and but focus on plastic straws. Plastic straws are so commonly used and not properly disposed, and they end up in our oceans. Then I will talk about the detrimental affects of plastic straws and what we can do to stop this. Then I will go on to talk about what other states are doing to help this problem.


In class assignment; April 24

A couple topics that I am interested in is the parking situation because the parking situation here in the city and at school is just horrible. Another topic that I am also very interested is the whole plastic bag and plastic straw situation. I will be talking about the whole debate about banning them in the state of Hawaii or even san francisco. One struggle will for sure be finding a good article about this since its so specific.

Rainsford, Blair. “A Plastic Straw Problem.” Scholastic News — Edition 2, vol. 75, no. 8, May 2019, pp. 1–4. EBSCOhost, search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=sso&db=eue&AN=135868995&site=eds-live&scope=site.

In this article, it talks about the problems of plastic straws and some solutions. A lot of these solutions is exactly what San Francisco does. For example, instead of giving a plastic straw, if the customers ask for it, then they will receive it. Another solution is the paper straws and I know here at USF we use plastic straws.

“Some people have an other idea. They say restaurants can stop giving out plastic straws with every order. But they don’t have to get rid of straws completely. If customers ask for a plastic straw, the restaurant can give them one. That means people won’t use as many plastic straws, but the people who need them can still get them. This kind of idea is called a compromise (Rainsford, Blair).”


In class assignment; April 15

The main point of this argument is…

Heritage language lost in 2nd generation east asians. 58% have no proficiency in their language. Why there is a loss of bilingualism.

Her presentation is appealing because .. she is a good speaker, he examples are good.

does she respond to any potential counterarguments “they say”? How? people say bilingualism will overcome the english language, but she proves it doesn’t

How convincing? She is really convincing, her tone of voice is very appealing.

Like and dislikes?



The main point of this argument is to prove why bilingualism in the US is looked down upon, and why 2nd generation kids have lost their native language. She gives very good examples of this and proves her point very clearly and even relates it to her own life. Her presentation is very appealing because she uses visuals that match, her visual are slides and they are very organized. In her presentation she gives us an example of how people have said that speaking other native languages will overcome English but she says it will not. She is very convincing because her tone of voice matches the mood of whatever she is talking about. Because she is giving good examples, she is very reliable. I really liked/was impressed with how she memorized everything word for word. She had a slide, and she knew every word that was on there without even having to look. I would give her a 10 /10 for everything: eye contact, delivery, bodily movement, etc.


April 12; In class assignment


This is a commercial about neglected animals and what we can do to save them. The people behind this commercial did a very good job and displaying pathos. They did this by showing photos of neglected animals and playing sad background music. Towards the end, a lady with a sentimental voice told us that we could help end this if we donate $18.00 a month to their organization. This commercial did a very good job because we all feel really sad for these animals and it makes us want to help. They also do a good job on displaying logos because they are persuading us with sad photos and sad facts. Therefore, they are persuading us to donate to their cause.



April 5; in class assignment

In this video, Matt Cutts tries to convince people to try something new for 30 days. This talk is for the people who are still trying to find themselves, or it is to encourage everyone to try new things. I picked this because this sounded interesting and it’s something I’d definitely want to try. We live in a world where people are not adventurous and do not want to try new things. So therefore, this is a really effective topic because many people can relate to this and will find this inspiring. Matt Cutts does a very good job with engaging with the audience. His tone of voice is very appealing, his posture and gesture is good, he makes eye contact at all times, and lastly, he relates his speech to his own life making it very reliable. Relating his topic to himself also gives his audience a sense of courage and it really convinces everyone that if he can do this, so can everyone else.


April 3; essay 2 feedback

Overall for me essay, I need to be organized. For this essay, I felt that way too, I knew my essay wasn’t as organized so that’s why I got an extension to fix it up a bit but I guess I should have done a better job on it. For my in-text citations, I knew it was all over the place, so next time, I know that I have to be more organized. I also have to summarize the main argument for an article when I introduce it. So overall, this essay wasn’t my best work because when I was turning it in, I knew it was all over the place because I kind of rushed through it. So next time, I will take my time and go over everything carefully and I will get my intent citations correct.


In class writing; April 1st

I read Yijun’s paper and the one major thing that I found in common with hers was the fact that conducting a video essay is not as easy as writing a paper essay. She talks about how maybe our writing will work on paper but it will not work in video. There are way more elements to conducting a video essay and it is not as simple. She talks about how Candice discovered more about her video essay when she went with the flow (we both talked about this). One thing I really like that I did not realize or write in my response was the fact that sometimes we forget the power of images and sound. Sometimes we are so caught up in our writing because that is all we do in college, that we do not realize what effect video can have on an audience. I feel like more people are prone to pay attention to video’s rather than essays.