Jan 28; In Class Writing

Minrui Xian, Jiahao Wei, Moana To’oto’o

The U.S government is accusing Huawei for helping to evade Iran Sanctions. The New York Times is arguing in favor of the government by displaying the different types of evidence in this case. The purpose of this article is to inform us on the issues that are going on with Huawei and the Chinese telecom firm. ¬†For example, the US has suspected the Chinese telecom equipment manager and chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou of working against the US to undermine America’s Interest. The article indicates that Huawei is a threat to national security. Ms. Meng is affiliated with Huawei and they are guilty of stealing and trading secrets and in addition, obstruction of justice. We believe that their arguments are directed towards all those who read this article to educate them on what is happening. This argument has been achieved because I (Moana) did not hear about this issue, but Minrui and Jiahao have heard about it because it is big news in China.


Jan 28; Meaning of Name

The name Moana is a universal Polynesian name. This is why the disney movie is named Moana. It represents all of Polynesia and not just one country. There is a lot of theory as to why my parents named me Moana. For example, I have been told by my mom that I was named after her because her middle name is Moana but then my dad tells me that I am also named after his other sister and her name is Leialofanotoimoana. So he says they just took the last part of her name and inserted it into my name. But I am also named after my dads other sister and her name is Fa’aolaola and that is my middle name. In the Samoan culture, it is very common to name your kids after someone in the family. My family has 4 people with the name Ace, 5 people with the name Michelle, 3 people with the name Rene, 8 people with the name Paia, and the list goes on and on. It is kind of confusing who I am named after so when people ask me I just say I am named after both my dads sisters and my mom. But the word Moana means ocean, and it fits me perfectly because I love the ocean.

Growing up, I was never embarrassed by my name because it is very popular to have a polynesian name in Hawai’i so therefore I never thought about changing it or anything like that and when I’m on campus, everyone just thinks my name is cool and I don’t mind it. In Hawai’i, everyone has very long Polynesian names and mine is actually considered “short”. That is one of the most unique things about living in Hawai’i. The only thing is that whenever people hear or see my name, they expect a huge polynesian but instead, they get a medium sized person.



Hello, my name is Moana To’oto’o and I attend the University of San Francisco. I am a freshmen from Honolulu, Hawai’i and am currently undecided in my major. I am unsure of what I want to study or what to do with my life but hopefully by the end of this semester I will figure it out.

Some interesting facts about me is that I am a student athlete. I am currently on the University’s beach and indoor volleyball team. Therefore, volleyball takes up a majority of my time and I am in season year round because indoor is in the fall and beach is in the spring. We really do not get an “off season”. I also love going to the beach because in Hawai’i, the beaches are beautiful and I love hanging out with my friends and family.

When I am not playing volleyball, I am doing my school work, watching movies or going out with my friends. We have to cherish the time we have off because of our busy schedules.


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