April 29; Free Writing

In my argument I will make a very sad appeal towards the environment because of the plastic that causes global warming. I feel like making this emotional appeal will hook the audience and get them to listen. Plastic is such a big issue here in the US but certain states are making an effort to lessen the plastic that they distribute. For example, California, Hawai’i, amongst others are doing this. Therefore, while I present, I will give the negative effects of this and then solutions. This is a very big topic because this will affect the generation here today and the next. Therefore, I feel like todays generation is taking more action to help save our earth. I will do my best to make this argument as clear as possible.


How long do you think our Earth has until it starts to self destruct? *give a legitimate reliable answer. Then I will talk about how our earth is slowly diminishing because of the pollution, and a lot of this stems from plastic. I will talk about pollution as a whole and but focus on plastic straws. Plastic straws are so commonly used and not properly disposed, and they end up in our oceans. Then I will talk about the detrimental affects of plastic straws and what we can do to stop this. Then I will go on to talk about what other states are doing to help this problem.


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