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We find Multiple analysis of Whaling issue: Understanding the dispute by a matrix from ELSEVIER about marine policy. Published in 2006 at sciencedirect.com.  Joji Morishita is the person who is part of director for International Negotiations for Japan government. He wants to let the reader thinks that Whaling is regulated, and ought to be permitted. He directs the argument to the people who are anti-Whaling. The author brings up the IWC (International Whaling Commission), RMP (Revised Management Procedure) to prove his idea. He finally achieves his purpose, as we read the whole article we realize that in a sudden area people have to kill some kind of animals to control the population. The whale is one type of intelligence mammals, but cow also can be intelligence mammal as well. In the US and most country, people eat beef and steak for food. So, people should think more clearly about the whaling issue.

Meaning of Name

Monica Shen is actually my nickname in English, even though most of my friends call me by my English name.  My real name from Chinese is Xiaozheng Shen. I changed to use the nickname because of my friends and professors in USA feel hard to remember and spell the real name. Xiaozheng Shen is phonetic alphabets of 效正申 in English letters.  Shen is the last name came from my father’s family, and xiaozheng is the first name. Xiao means filial piety and zheng means positive. This name is given by my father and brother, their propose is wanted me to become a positive person with filial piety. I think I am trying to be as the person as my name named. There are some funny episodes about my first name because the name sounds too boyish. The gender on my elementary school’s ID card was male because I was short hair like a boy and my name sounds too boyish. Even though now times, when people first hear my name, their reactions are all ” your name sounds like a boy”. But anyways I still love the name given by my family, even though it is not that gentle like a girl.


Hello world, my name is Monica Shen. I am a sophomore year student at the University of San Francisco. I came from the country called the People’s republic of China. There are 4 members in my family, father, mother, brother and me. My brother is 10 years older than me. He felt more like a little uncle than a brother for me. We never had conflicts or flights. As I mentioned I lived in China for 14 years. When I was turning 15, I divided to study aboard. I choose to come to the United States for my aboard study life. I finished 4 years of High school in NY and came to USF. I believe coming to USF will be a turning point in my life.


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