4.5 in class time writing

Monica and Linda



         Emma Gonzalez gives a call to action to youth in the U.S to take a stand and advocate for gun control. She shames the U.S government for receiving NRA funding and not enforcing strict gun policies. Not only are her words emotional, but her tears and voice also show how she uses pathos to deliver her message. She uses the shooting to draw out pathos while also using to bring about change. The whole idea of life and death are drawn out because of the shooting, therefore, creating patho. She uses logos when she says no other countries have shootings after having more gun control.  She references shootings that happened before and the politicians that have done little to prevent it. She shows her credibility because she is a student at Parkland and knew the victims.  

       Her tone makes effective communication.  She raised her voice when she stated the statistics that went against the politicians to show that what they did was wrong and that they should take action and enforce gun control. Target audiences are the youth, student body, and NRA supporters.  

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