4.29 in-class assignment

Shipwreck will be my final argument speech’s topic. In recent years, there was a huge shipwreck tragedy happened. That was the biggest issue happened in that year, and everyone was paying attention to this incident. Not everyone may be familiar with this incident, but people in Aisan’s country should hear about this before. That shipwreck tragedy is Sewol ferry disaster.

  1. know what you want: Make people aware of shipwreck safety, and let people shout out to the government to take action.
  2. how to win over an audience: Ethos: friends from Korean. Pathos: a true story about students in the ship, and how people shout out to the government. Logo: news from worldwide and facts about the importance of government action
  3. benefits and obstacles: own safety and reduce the percentage of tragedy
  4. build your argument: a clear outline
  5. delivering like a pro: practice more and more

4/22 in class assignment

I agree with most of the response that posts lately in Canvas, but the response that Sanskriti Punjabi wrote were most related to me and similar to what I think. Sanskriti Punjabi summarized about the story that the author trying to tell. The author wrote a story about how children are struggling with their self-identity, it means a lot: country, nation, religion, ethnic and culture…etc.

4/15 group assignment

  1. Fragment. Then I attended Morris Junior High, a junior high that was a bad experience.
  2. Fragment. The scene was filled with beauty, such as the sun sending its brilliant rays to the earth and the leaves of various shades of red, yellow, and brown moving slowly in the wind.
  3. Complete
  4. F. Within each group, we find a wide range of features to choose from.
  5. Complete
  6. Complete
  7. F. Although that is a value judgment and in circumstances, it is not a true premise.
  8. complete
  9. F. Because she did not realize at the time that we would never enter that door in her home again.
  10. complete

04/15 in-class assignment

The main argument of the presentation video that the Professor shows us today is the heritage loss of the second generation East- Asian Americans with assumption and false binary. This presentation is present by an East-Asian American girl, and her presentation really appealing to the audience. Because this topic is about her own generation and situations. She used her own story as background information, therefore the presentation is more appealing to audiences. This is included as pathos because her story about her grandmother and mother and how she thinks about herself is touched to audiences. She also included the logos, as she uses the Japanese-American example which is base on truth. Her argument is effectively convincing to me.

04/12 in class assignment

This advertisment trys to make people to eat their product, subway.  How this advertisment seems interesting to me is that words they use. They used ” sex” which is kind of sensitive word that people do not use a lot in the ordinary life. They even put this word in an extra extra large size and put two exclamation points after it, which even more highlight the word itself. Well actually the word “sex” here is not the product or means that this advertisment try to sell ot persuade. But they try to use this sensitive word to attract people’s attendtion, which I think is effectly worked. Then they puted what they try to sell and tell underline the “sex”.

4/10 in class assignment

  1. Y, it does not put the year of the publication also it copy from the word by word, and it doesn’t have the quotation.
  2. Y, it is not an APA formate in-text citation.
  3. N
  4. Y, it is not an APA formate in-text citation, also it is put in a wrong place.
  5. N, it did not mention in the original text.
  6. Y, it does not have an in-text citation
  7. N
  8. Y, it does not have a year.

4.5 in class time writing

Monica and Linda



         Emma Gonzalez gives a call to action to youth in the U.S to take a stand and advocate for gun control. She shames the U.S government for receiving NRA funding and not enforcing strict gun policies. Not only are her words emotional, but her tears and voice also show how she uses pathos to deliver her message. She uses the shooting to draw out pathos while also using to bring about change. The whole idea of life and death are drawn out because of the shooting, therefore, creating patho. She uses logos when she says no other countries have shootings after having more gun control.  She references shootings that happened before and the politicians that have done little to prevent it. She shows her credibility because she is a student at Parkland and knew the victims.  

       Her tone makes effective communication.  She raised her voice when she stated the statistics that went against the politicians to show that what they did was wrong and that they should take action and enforce gun control. Target audiences are the youth, student body, and NRA supporters.  

04/03 in class assignment

After reading the feedback of Essay 2  from Professor Tika, I understand that aware of margin and assignment prompt is an important key to reading a good grade essay. Even though my essay has a clear idea of the topic and summary of the argument is good; I did not follow the margin and the assignment prompt in the Canvas, therefore I got a bad grade. For the next essay or rewriting the essay, I will follow the structure and assignment prompt to complete the assignment.