March 24 – Free Writing

Class, culture, and race haven’t played too much of a role in my individual learning. There are only a few minor ways I have seen it influence me. I am middle class, and my family had to work hard to get there. My parent’s cultures involve a lot of hard work and dedication in order to better yourself, so naturally, that was passed onto me and projected onto me my whole academic career. They want me to try my hardest these early years so later on, I can reap the rewards. Class wise, my parents grew up not having a lot, so in a sense, from them being apart of the lower class before, they have seen what it’s like and want me to work hard and to have the things to be able to succeed. Such as the opportunity to attend college, something they weren’t able to do.


March 3rd – Free Writing

My mother grew up in not the best financial situation. She grew up initially in the Philippines, where her family was in poverty. Once she moved over here at a younger age, they were still stuck in the same situation. Because of her rich culture however, they still had plenty of diverse meals to eat. All of which were cultural meals her mother would prepare and pass on. My free writing is to think about, is this a cultural food because of their social class? Is this food more affordable/ or is it important to make ends meet to be able to eat their cultural meals.


February 27th – Free Writing

I can identify with the bird flu one. Not since we were scared of the bird flu, but because that’s how it usually looks at dinner. All the rest are too old and weird experiences. We all wait patiently as someone brings in the turkey, in which then we all freak out and begin to eat. Usually, it’s a large amount of us at either two tables or a long one, and just like the illustration, the dogs are always nearby begging for scraps.


February 27th – Group Writing

Owen, Alex

In today’s society, everyone is blasted with dietary food recommendations. Not everyone is fortunate often to purchase these healthy food options. According to a study in, “Social class differences in food consumption” by Christianne Hupkins, Ronald Knibbe,  and Maria Drop it shows, “food consumption patterns show that diets in higher social classes are more often in line with dietary recommendations than those in the lower classes” (Hupkins, Knibbe, Drop (2000), p 108). This shows that people with more money and a more privileged lifestyle, are able to afford healthier foods and to have better diets.


Hupkins, C., Nibbe, K., & Drop, M. (2000). Social class differences in food consumption. The explanatory value of permissiveness and health and cost considerations. The European Journal of Public Health, 10(2), 108-113.





February 25th – Free Writing

Owen, Alex, Tugsuu


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2/20 – Free Writing

Football is inherently violent. I feel as if it attracts mostly the male gender, because males have grown up with the stigma of being tough, and loving gruesome violence. Football is an easy route into that scene. You have the big hard hits, along with teams that provide status and power. Through this, you can either play and be praised as one of those heroic players that clash on the field, or you can be on of the thousands fans that take part in football culture from home. Each fan represents a team like it is a race or ideal they must defend till death. It turns into an identifier, and each team has stereotypes as well. It has turned away from being a team in which someone supports, and turned into a culture. One example could be the Oakland Raiders. For a while, their culture has attracted hardcore fans in everywhere. They turned to represent poverty or struggle to people. This is why they are so prevalent as the team of choice in places like LA with gang activity. Teams in football are no longer just teams, but may represent someone’s personality and view on the world. These teams push for social norms and create big divisions in the sports community. Sure, you have different teams to support and it is competitive, however these divides cause one and others to be filled with hate towards other fans. I have experienced this myself, and it takes a lot of convincing to realize “its just a game” and that one needs to tone down their attitude towards it. Its a tough realization and not many people can think like that, due to their team being so invested into their culture.




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February 11th – Free Writing

My audio essay will be about my trip to the Philippines. I want to give detail about the adventure of taking multiple planes, traveling between islands, seeing family and visiting beautiful beaches, rivers and mountains. I saw and experienced many new things, since it was the first time I’ve been to another country. I want the audience to be captured and attempt to imagine all the cool sights and things I’ve seen.

After I want to tell them about what my trip was really about. My family had started an organization called Cleats for Kids. We collected old soccer gear to give to the less fortunate in the area. Towards the end of the trip, we went to the schools and nearby areas and began to give out all the gear to them. I was still a growing teen, and seeing what true poverty was, and seeing how most of these kids my age had to live woke me up. Just like the rest of things in the Philippines, it was something I’ve never experienced or seen before, and I didn’t know how to feel. After that I began to see how much poverty really is there. Its around every corner, unlike home.

As I came home back to the states, I questioned a lot about what I had. I asked myself about why I deserved to be more fortunate, and why I have the things I have? What made me more special to have such things? The rough answer I came up with was just luck. My grandparents and mom moved over here, but I had nothing to do with that. For my situation, it was pure luck being born into a family that was well off. After this realization, I began to not take this for granted, and to work as hard as I can with the opportunities I was given. For my life and opportunities were not just luck, it was a gift and one that I have to work hard with and use to my full potential so that one day I can give back and help those in need.



February 6th – Free Writing

  • I have never fully tried to learn another language. In high school, I took Spanish if that counts, and being able to talk in Spanish in a few cases was really cool. being able to communicate in a different way other than English for the first time sort of feeling like magic in a way. It was hard though once you get more detailed and complicated. Of course, its another language and that’s expected I guess. In terms of other languages, I’m learning python, and java in computer science. It’s very cool and I often refer to it as being another language, because there are so many rules and certain terms similar to learning another language. You aren’t simply just typing in English, most of the time its shortened keywords.
  • Never have written a goodbye letter or anything. Fortunately, I haven’t had to say bye to anyone in my life. Most of my close family is still alive, and never had a dramatic breakup or a family member left.
  • I remember my first year of high school I was learning to write essays. Back in middle school, essay structure was very annoying and I had no clue what I was doing. Every “essay” I had written in middle school ended up just sounding like a bedtime story. It was very cringy and nothing ever sounded too well. Beginning in high school, however, I met many great teachers who helped me excel in writing. It started to become fun and it was interested in watching my writing evolve. after every essay in high school, I would read it to my parents, and they witnessed first hand how much I transformed. Now last semester in my other rhetoric class, my teacher asked what my major was and assumed it was something with writing because she felt that I was very gifted with it. I told her I’m just a computer science major and that surprised her a lot. She asked if I had any curiosity in furthering my experience with writing but I politely turned it down, since its not that much fun to me. It’s still writing, but ill take the compliment.
  • My mom was born in the Philippines and eventually moved here. When she moved, she had no knowledge of English and had to teach it herself. She did simple things such as learning from others who spoke and reading dictionaries. She eventually became very good at English because she told me she was essentially forced to if she wanted a good job here. Now shes amazing at it and has helped me write from a young age. She went from not knowing any English to now having a job that makes her talk to clients and others. She is very well-spoken and I know its something she’s very proud of.



  •  I want to write about,
    • what the story is about (when I broke up with my boyfriend)
    • and what it’s really about (what it’s like to be alone and need help)”
  • Ill talking about (My trip to the Philippines)
  • and how (I learned to appreciate the things I have)


Introduction: Went to the Philippines.

  • Talk about how the trip went.
    • Family
    • Places
    • Things
  • Poverty
    • How I noticed it.
    • How we donated and helped the people.
  • How I learned that I need to be more appreciative of what I have.
    • I am very privileged.
    • Must use the gifts I have to my full potential.
      • since others don’t have it.





February 4th, In-Class Writing

  • An issue I see happening with me will be creativity. If we get to pick our story and what we are going to be basing this whole essay around, then it’ll hard for me to find something I can write about effectively.
  • Following that, it’s going to be something I am going to have to go in-depth about, which will require some digging deep and finding something I’m able to talk about. There will be some pressure now for this, so the added pressure with the challenge of being creative will be hard.
  • I expect it to be a little challenging actually creating it in adobe sparks. It’s going to be a brand new program with a lot of functions and things to add to the essay, so trying things out and figuring out what I like will make it hard but also a little fun. It adds a lot of personalization to this essay, instead of the “double-spaced times new roman” format we are always used to.
  • I will tackle my challenges by spending more time reflecting and thinking about what to do. Working on this ahead of time and not waiting last minute will give me lots of time to be able to work on it and think things through, to see if it really fits. A lot of time to fix things as well.



I know my mother experienced some racial encounters due to her being different. My mother is from the Philippines and looks Asian. She has been a victim of the Asian driving stereotype many times. Through either family or strangers, shes constantly attacked. Family members will often make jokes about it, and she will laugh it off however I’m sure it still gets annoying after the millionth time.

A particular social script regarding my mom who is an immigrant is that she doesn’t know English or is poor. When I tell people that, they always assume either one and then once they meet her they always act surprised. You couldn’t really tell she was an immigrant unless she told you.


January 30 – Class Discussion

Many people responded and gave their thoughts on the reading. Through many responses, most agreed with what the authors were trying to convey.

  • Diversity is great, and many places are starting to accept and push for more diverse identities. People have different hobbies and views, such as the most prevalent one right now, their political party. The diversity isn’t about how many are on one side, but that they have the right to believe what they want.
  • In J.D Vance’s essay “Hillbilly Elegy”, many saw that he was expressing how places can be diverse and have many people, however, they are still split on what they use their money on. The split is due to families not having as much as others, and he noticed these spending patterns among the split.
  • An interesting note I noticed that one’s views on diversity were different from the rest of the class posts. They agreed with the different classification of Americans, and that people will stick with similar people. However, their views on diversity was a different take. They put that what makes diversity is the differences between people. In different places, people like different things. I can agree and I realized I haven’t truly look at it like that. Places are diverse with different identities because people like different things. These different identities and views are what separate a set of people from another, and by having a lot of those small different viewpoints, diversity can be created not just through different classifications of Americans, but through different appreciations and views.


Cultural Bloopers

  • I’m American so I like rifles, live in California, have a beer in one hand while I’m fat and bald.