March 9th, 2018

Trigger Warnings

I decided to look up sexual assault on Wikipedia because while I am honestly unaware of most things that could be trigger warnings I feel as though that topic would be something that might not always sit well with people when discussed in a classroom. Wikipedia gave a pretty decent definition of sexual assault. It describes all the different actions that could fall under the term sexual assault as well as the effects and the different ways it happens. While Wikipedia is a website made up of numerous anonymous sources, I feel as though this particular section on Wikipedia, regarding sexual assault, presented a pretty good idea of what the issue is and how it is prominent in our society today. This is probably not the case for most things posted on Wikipedia and is usually why most teachers don’t allow it as a credible source for essays and projects. Anyone has the opportunity to post on Wikipedia. At the same time, all the sources used to get the information provided in Wikipedia are cited at the bottom.

I feel like Wikipedia is helpful because it gives basic knowledge to people about things that they might have otherwise not known. However when writing a research paper, or doing something where credible sources are necessary, I feel as though Wikipedia is not a good source to use.