March 26th

I feel as though class, culture, and race hasn’t affected my individual learning because I don’t think they necessarily compare. For example, one of my close friends comes from a family with very low economic standing and is currently inable to afford college. However, she works two jobs, and purchases the same books that I’m required to read in my college classes and she reads them on her own. Through this we are essentially gaining the same knowledge, except I’m paying a larger price. I realize that in today’s society it seems nearly impossible to get a salary paying job without at least a bachelors degree. Yet, I believe it’s all about the connections one has. My brother was working out in our local gym the other day and ran into a guy that just started his own company and offered him a job. Yes my brother does go to college, but he was at the right place at the right time and made the right connections. No degree necessary. I do believe that class, culture, or race can have an impact on how you choose to go about your life, but it’s all about hard work and willingness to seek the knowledge you wish to have.

I do think however that my mother being born in Cuba has helped me to understand how blessed I am to live where I live, in a free country. Cubans don’t have the same rights as us or the same abilities to gain knowledge. My mom came to America with no money and was inable to afford college, yet her persistence with a company of her choice allowed her a salary paying job without the required recommendations. She was able to get a job with no college education, but solely due to her own hard work.