April 18th

Kelly Davis, a San Diego author for the Guardian, examines the increasing number of homeless people in San Diego and the cities attempts to lessen the issue. Recently there have been large tents put in place with the capacity to tightly squeeze 300 homeless citizens. However, this inhuman form of living has been producing an outbreak of Hepatitis A across the homeless community. In attempts to solve this issue there have been a few businessman willing to front the money for more tents. The purpose of the tents is to give homeless people a temporary home, including healthcare and employment assistance, although it is not a solution for permanent housing.

This article correlates with Matthew Desmond’s, “Home and Hope,” as he describes the lack of motivation within individuals when there is no constant place they can call home. Life has continuously fluctuations but the ability to come home at the end of the day to the same place is vital for the comfort and sanity of everyone.