April 25th

Seeing that I am only 18, I have actually had a significant amount of work experience. I started working at age 16 and have had coworkers of all ages, some in the stage of life where they are working for a living. I have noticed that my coworkers are working in these minimum wage positions because they didn’t have the funds to  attend college right away. In order to achieve their desired goal they had to begin with a basic position, save up for many years, and then attempt to seek an education.

Does their working in these positions reveal their intelligence? Not necessarily, however their lack of schooling does not equate their abilities to gain knowledge or strive for an education. This is also in relation to social class as my older coworkers typically resided in lower income areas. While their education and intelligence may have been limited, their strength to achieve these things remains and only requires their hard work and time. In other words, the strength of one’s job does not define the strength of their abilities.