April 30th

While it is common for people to attend college in order to achieve their chosen life goal, a degree doesn’t necessarily bring the desired outcome. In the article, “The Reason Why Every Cool Guy Wants to Be a Butcher or Bartender Now,” written by Richard E. Ocejo, he examines the career chosen by a young college-educated man. This career choice being butchery. Due to his confusion as to why someone with a college degree would choose to work as a butcher, he asked the man why he currently holds this position. He responded with, “I was tired working in a box. When I was younger I always loved making food and I always loved things that involved food. I decided to leave my desk job behind, and found work at a charcuterie store and a slaughterhouse. Eventually, I became a student in a butchery and meat certification program, which has led to my now current job.” This article and story behind it is applicable to my essay as my whole goal is to inform my readers of the endless possibilities within the labor force. This man didn’t enjoy the job he was able to get with his college degree, so he found a different passion and let them drive him to his current position which he thoroughly enjoys.


The reason why every cool guy wants to be a butcher or a bartender now