February 26th, 2018

Eating Habits

My family isn’t very diverse when it comes to food choices. My dad is from Scotland yet he doesn’t conform to the Scottish culture of food. On random occasions, he will cook us a traditional Scottish breakfast, but that doesn’t mean he surrounds all of his meals with his Scottish heritage. My family enjoys eating at restaurants that are close to where we live, very normal food selections such as pasta, salads, pizza, sometimes Japanese food. We don’t really focus on the social norm when it comes to food, we try healthier options but we enjoy eating well. Both of my parents work, and my mom doesn’t like to cook as much anymore. Ever since door dash and post mates came out they frequently order food and enjoy the simpler and quicker process. We are a pretty average family when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nothing really sets us aside in a cultural aspect by what we chose to eat.

Feb. 21 In class writing

I am sure there has been an instance, where I have felt that way. It is usually normal to feel like an outsider sometimes. Behavioral habits when meeting people or introducing yourself can be naturally hesitant or shy. There has been a time I have felt judged on my appearance, as If I look like I am from a certain place or part of a different group. Sometimes people can perceive me as a negative view, It seems normal in our society today.

Most people judge others without recognizing it, almost without intention. I believe it is part of our nature to see others differently, even if you are an accepting person. There will always be another person that is “better” than you, but you cannot necessarily control others and how they think of you. There is always an opportunity to change the image of yourself, but naturally, humans judge without really thinking about it.

February 12th 2018

In class blog writing:

Living in a different environment at home, the change of liberalism here and how it differs. Different tensions and where people grew up in versus here. There are many opposing views on cultural understanding and politics. The society I was raised in I didn’t particularly agree with but that was how most people lived by and believed.

It is a change of perspective living here where people are more open to political views. There is more of an optimistic and open environment here. The change of diversity and cultural values. The atmosphere of being able to express views more openly and fewer judgments.

Feb. 7th

Maddy Martin

In this assignment, it may become tough to find a good balance between finding the right audio to present your essay well. The musical choice needs to relate to the identity of the story. The expectations in the audio story need a good calm tone that reads the story well. It might be hard to keep your voice projected and avoid studdering. I think this essay experience will be more interesting and something different to try.

Feb. 5th

In reading, Nathan Centeno he focuses on the main issues in the U.S today. He explains the depiction behind each main point very detailed and efficient. He ties in the story and how it relates to the reader. The writing format of his response was very organized and met the requirements for analyzing the article.

Its more on the shorter side, where he can definitely expand with his ideas. He does give concrete details, I would recommend 2 concrete details than an opinion to really emphasize what he wants to convey to the reader. By doing this keeping them more engaged in the summary of his writing.

Feb 2nd

Maddy, Leo, Will

  • Most people like to surround themselves with the same identity
  • They feel more comfortable because they can relate easier
  • Language barriers are a division of communicating
  • Most of the cultures differ by how they custom themselves growing as a society
  • Racial differences are a barrier of  relating to one another
  • Government jobs have different beliefs that they feel comfortable in the place they live in and grew up in, resulting them in staying in a place of comfort best known to them
  • Geography is a way we find ourselves divided from people
  • Social status is a way of separating by inferiority
  • Treating others based on their stereotypes
  • Lower class people cant find trust in people of higher positions

We do not have some different ideas about both the essays because they are telling what’s happening in our daily life. Even though we want racial and cultural diversity in the United States, we still prefer to live with people we are comfortable with.