April 18th


This is the article I chose,

Results from our sample of homeless individuals indicate that Orange County’s homeless population is de ned largely by the following characteristics:

  • They are mainly long-term OC residents, with 68% of the 252 homeless surveyed having lived in the county for 10 years or longer
  • They are predominately US-born individuals (90%)
  • non-Hispanic White (47%), male (57%) and live alone (67%)
  • The major factors precipitating homelessness in our sample (in order of frequency of mention) are:
    • Securing or retaining jobs with sustainable wages (40%)
    • Finding or retaining affordable housing, including evictions and foreclosures (36%)
    • Family issues, which include domestic violence, family dysfunction, relationship dissolution and death of a family member (28%)
    • Alcohol and/or drugs (22%)
    • Mental health (17%)
    • Physical health (13%)
    • Release from jail/prison (7%)

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