April 27 Free writing

From the prompt, there is a variety of questions that makes you ask yourself what it really means to be working. ¬†Are you in good working conditions, did your intelligence get you the job, or simply the stereotypical norms people put each other in from their individual work. There is a numeorous gap between manual labor and white collar. Between the two, both of them come with challenges and help you build a sense of urgency. There is attention brought to the manual labor, because of the poor working condtions, for such little wage. With white collar work, it takes people time and effort to get to the position they are trying to acquire. Without doubt, both take personal effort and a strong mentality to get the job done well. One may be “considered” better than the other, but that doesn’t necesarily mean the other is considered easier. Each of these oppurtunities are really up to the person, if they want to pursue a career, or simply work for a large company. There are numerous arguments between them, some people just can’t afford an education to get them to their chosen career. Resulting in, manual labor that helps them get money to support themselves, or their family. ¬†These follow with cultural norms, and stereotypes people view each other in, that are resulting in a negative perspective.

Focusing more into depth on the poor conditions manual labor people work in, with numerous issues revolving the negative components in this chosen field of work.

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