Exploring 30th Aug class readings


  • We both analysed the fact that learning a new language plays an important role for immigrants. Such as, the long-term study, the pace and the data are some of the issues that they face.
  • The huge educational gap is also an issue that we both figured out. It may be hard for them to form paragraphs and big chunks of text when it is tempting for them to throw in all their ideas.


  • One of my peer’s were able to share their experiences in full details. She made sure there were links to the question and she didn’t jump off the topic at all. This acted like a back up and it helped support her points and key ideas as well.


Hi, my name is Faye Teepsuwan. I am 18 years old, from Bangkok, Thailand. I am currently studying at University of San Francisco as a freshman and my major is International Studies. I live on campus and my dorm is called Fromm Hall.

I enjoy playing sports and brunching with friends at cute cafes. I also love photography, beaches and very in to art and crafts.

I normally read, listen to music and play the guitar during my free time. I am really excited to explore San Francisco and USF!

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